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AVIXA Net Tech for AV Professionals – Course Preview

AVoIP has become a widely implemented method for AV signal transport. Delivering audiovisual

Don't Put The Blame On VCR

From Blank Stares to Barbie Magic: Transforming the AV Department into a Fun and Exciting Student Experience!

By Britt Yenser

October Security Awareness | IT in AV

The Student Experience | IT in AV

The Student Experience 

Out of Your Brain and Onto the Page: How to Create Documentation for your Student Employment Program  | Somehow I Manage
Here we are, friends! The last article of my original four-part series about student employees. We went on a few side quests, but it’s time to wrap up “Student Employees 101,” so to speak. This is not the last article for this column– just the last article I had officially planned! And it’s on one of my favorite topics: documentation. 
Ai4 2023 Conference | IT in AV

On August 8th and August 9th, I was lucky enough to attend the 2023 Ai4 conference that was hel

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