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The Student Experience | IT in AV

The Student Experience 

Out of Your Brain and Onto the Page: How to Create Documentation for your Student Employment Program  | Somehow I Manage
Here we are, friends! The last article of my original four-part series about student employees. We went on a few side quests, but it’s time to wrap up “Student Employees 101,” so to speak. This is not the last article for this column– just the last article I had officially planned! And it’s on one of my favorite topics: documentation. 
Ai4 2023 Conference | IT in AV

On August 8th and August 9th, I was lucky enough to attend the 2023 Ai4 conference that was hel

How Do I Get Students to Work, and How Do I Know if Things are Going Well?  | Somehow I Manage
*Record scratch* you might be wondering why this article isn’t about student employees. Fear not, the articles about student employee management will resume. But this column isn’t just about managing student employees– it’s about managing all sorts of things! So I wanted to pause the student employee series and ask– how are you managing your self-care and mental health?
Showcase Spaces | Community Connections with Ryan

By Ryan Gray

So I’m going to start with a confession.  I’v

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