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Somehow I Manage | Strategic Resolutions: Navigating Goals in 2024

By: Britt Yenser

Hope is not a strategy.

January Predictions + Pre ISE | AV for Access

So to address the elephant in the room, I’ve been gone for a little while.

Why Should HETMA Members Attend ISE 2024? | Musings of an AI Bot

Prompt: Why should HETMA ( members attend ISE 2024 (


Do You Have A Plan? | IT in AV

Somehow I Manage | Making the Most of the Campus Holiday Party

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by your institution's Holiday Party!

Discover the Joy of Giving: A Guide to Thoughtful Holiday Reading | Somehow I Manage

By Britt Yenser


Why Does It Cost So Much? | IT in AV

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