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Journeying Westward: The Story of My Cross-Country Move for an Unbeatable Opportunity | IT in AV

This month’s theme is AV budgeting but I am going to take this month’s article down a different

“My Take” on MCUAV 2023 with James King

“My Take” on MCUAV 2023 with James King

Press Pause: You Can’t Help Others if You Don’t Help Yourself | Somehow I Manage
*Record scratch* you might be wondering why this article isn’t about student employees. Fear not, the articles about student employee management will resume. But this column isn’t just about managing student employees– it’s about managing all sorts of things! So I wanted to pause the student employee series and ask– how are you managing your self-care and mental health?
Spring Cleaning | IT in AV

Spring Cleaning 

The spring seas

“My Take” on the HETMA Conference: Britt’s Stream o’ Consciousness

By Britt Yenser

Lately, when presented with professional development opportuniti

Managing and Training Student Employees in Consistent and Sustainable Ways | Somehow I Manage

By Britt Yenser

This article

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