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Somehow I Manage | Rethinking Spaces: Changing Locations can Change Perspectives

By: Britt Yenser 

"Location, location, location!"

-Real Estate Agents Everywhere, probably

As AV professionals, we often consider the purpose of various campus locations and how AV can enhance them. But do we reflect on our personal use of spaces when meeting with our team?

Whether meeting one-on-one, with a large team, or in small groups, it's worth reconsidering our meeting locations. Does it always have to be in the office, around a conference table, or online? Not everyone processes information the same way or sticks to routine, so why not vary our meeting spots?

Consider these alternatives:

  • Campus cafe or cafeteria: Sharing a meal fosters connection and provides a refreshing change from standard meeting spots. If the discussion isn't confidential, why not have it over a drink or snack?

  • Walking around campus: For active individuals or those who struggle to focus while sitting, a walking meeting around the track or campus grounds can be a healthier and more engaging option.

  • Cozy common areas: Explore nooks in the library or comfy chairs in the Union building for a different meeting experience. It's also an opportunity to bond with your team and discover their favorite campus spots.

  • Online offerings: If team members prefer remote meetings, explore features that can make the online space more engaging, such as Zoom's whiteboard templates or Canva's free whiteboard feature. Also consider if everyone needs to be on camera, or if meeting online could also be a walking meeting! 

Breaking away from meeting routines can shift our thinking and motivate employees who find traditional meetings challenging. Let's leverage our awareness of campus spaces to rethink our meeting spaces, break routines, and connect with our team in more diverse and enjoyable ways!