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Somehow I Manage | Passion in Action: Unveiling the Next Three Months of Opportunities with HETMA

By: Britt Yenser (HETMA Communications Chair)

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

The HETMA Board, Chairs, and Volunteers have been working hard to provide all manner of opportunities for our members. There are scholarships, speaking engagements, networking opportunities, and professional development offerings, and a lot of them are back-to-back. It might even feel overwhelming to our members to keep track of all of the awesome things available to them! The last thing we want is for someone to miss out on a great opportunity, or feel the dreaded FOMO. In case you missed it, below is the HETMA lineup for the next three months.

  • The Prism Scholarship is accepting applications now. Please apply, or encourage someone else to apply! 
  • The 2024 Technology Scholarship through Aurora is accepting applications now. Please apply, or encourage someone else to apply! 
  • The Arizona Roadshow is Wednesday, January 24th. Connect with your local higher ed colleagues and vendor reps! Registration is free. 
  • HETMA will be at ISE January 30th through February 2nd. Higher Ed AV and HETMA are covering ISE 2024 LIVE from Barcelona! We'll be hosting the official Higher Ed AV Happy Hour on Wednesday, performing live podcast recordings, booth tours throughout the week, moderating higher ed thought leadership panels, attending special events, and much more!
  • The HETMA Virtual Conference, “Other Duties as Assigned,” will be held Wednesday, February 22nd through Friday, February 24th. Virtual before it was cool, our signature event brings together the best thought leaders in our custom-tailored sessions. Registration is always free. Save the date, and stay tuned for more details about the conference and registration!
  • HETMA is partnering with rAVe for LAVNCH WEEK 9 Monday, March 18th through Thursday, March 21st. [Description from rAVe] LAVNCH WEEK 9 is a four-day virtual event filled with informative discussions, product launches, and expert opinions on the most current UCC, EdTech, digital signage, and ProAV technologies and trends. Hosts Gary Kayye and Steph Beckett -- along with guest moderators like Alexis La Broi and Erin Maher-Moran -- will discuss the future of AV with the industry's foremost experts. 
  • HETMA is a Diamond Sponsor of NWMET, taking place Monday, March 25th through Friday, March 29th. NW/MET sessions focus on the confluence of AV and IT, including the use of technology in teaching and pedagogy, AV design and integration, adaptive or assistive technologies, distance and remote teaching and learning, emerging technologies (such as AR, VR, AI, etc.), media management, and other related topics. The early bird ticket price has been extended through January 31st! 

  • Enterprise Connect is also taking place Monday, March 25th through Thursday, March 28th. Visit HETMA on the show floor, and don’t miss our panel session, “The UCC Connected Campus.” 


The folks behind the scenes at HETMA have been working hard to bring all of these offerings to our members because we know our members are passionate about the Higher Ed Vertical. HETMA members can receive a life changing scholarship, connect meaningfully with colleagues and local reps, and receive valuable industry information from all over the US (and the world!) We hope to see you at our events soon, and always enjoy connecting on the Mighty HETMA network! If you have any questions about our upcoming offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out on our network! (Not currently a member? Join us!