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ISE 2024 Day Four Recap

By Britt Yenser

Written on 02/03/2024


Time flies when you’re representing an incredible vertical! We couldn’t believe we’d already reached day four of ISE 2024. As always, we got to the show early and made the most of our day. 


We started the day with a Best of ISE Wrap Up. The wrap up includes both our personal thoughts as well as reflections from some of our sponsors. Since the wrap up was filmed in the influencer lounge, it also includes cameos from Dan Ferrisi and Cindy Davis. They were great sports by joining us on the fly, and we think you’ll enjoy their perspectives as they reflected on their ISE experience. 


Since the Best of ISE Wrap Up video was our last official HETMA obligation, we spent our remaining time talking with key channel partners across the show floors and wrapping up our content creation. When we reconvened, Joe Way and BC Hatchett reported they’d had great conversations with Huddly and Inogeni. Way pointed out, “the best thing about day 4 is the personalized attention you get.” And I couldn't agree more! I highly benefited from this personalized attention as my colleague Craig Underwood had sent me on a quest to find, “an NDI to USB adapter to get NDI into a computer because the computer is on one VLAN and NDI traffic is on another.” While each potential vendor I spoke with admitted this does not (yet) exist, they were very interested in the use case and said they’d bring that problem back to their teams!


ISE 2024 was a huge success for the HETMA team, and this was a very successful show with over 73,000 attendees. I was honored to be a part of this experience and to both learn from and be supported by my AV colleagues from all over the world. I would like to personally thank the HETMA ISE team (Joe Way, BC Hatchett, Erin Maher-Moran, and Justin Dawson) for being so passionate, energetic, and compassionate. It’s going to be very difficult to top this year, but we are going to have to find a way…




Hope to see you at our booth next year…