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Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity: INOGENI’s TOGGLE ROOMS XT and U-BRIDGE 3.0 Unveiled at InfoComm 2024 | Inogeni

Quebec, Canada, June 3, 2024: INOGENI introduces two revolutionary solutions designed to optimize collaboration in larger spaces: The TOGGLE ROOMS XT 3 host switcher and the U-BRIDGE 3.0 multi-device extender are built on the widely popular, award-winning TOGGLE series’ technology and redefine how we interact in modern work environments.

In today's dynamic work and educational environments, large spaces, such as boardrooms or classrooms require seamless technology integration to facilitate efficient and productive collaboration and learning. As these environments evolve technologically to accommodate modern needs, seamless BYOD and BYOM as well long-distance USB 3.0 connectivity are of paramount importance for efficient and productive collaboration and learning.

Visit INOGENI booth #C5741 at InfoComm.

TOGGLE ROOMS XT: Powerful One Cable Solution for any BYOD / BYOM Application


Experience seamless videoconferencing and control with TOGGLE ROOMS XT, a 4K 2 PCs switcher for 5 USB and HDMI devices. Manage large rooms by connecting your laptop with just one USB-C 100W cable. TOGGLE ROOMS XT supports both 16:9 and 21:9 displays, provides connectivity up to 70 m / 230 ft, video resolution up to 4K@60Hz and is compatible with all major USB cameras and UC systems.

Bring your own device and connect to the host PC or host your own meeting on your laptop and connect instantly to the room’s presentation display and USB peripherals such as videobars, cameras, microphones, speakerphones.

TOGGLE ROOMS XT provides flexibility for various meeting scenarios by supporting up to two host PCs and routing audio and video signals from and to the active host.


One cable to own the room! Any room!


4K BYOD/BYOM FOR LARGE ROOMS: 3 host switcher for USB/HDMI devices with extension

Switch 6 peripherals between 3 hosts: Redefine collaboration with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) support, offering flexibility for various meeting scenarios via a push button or control pad.

Room PC hub


  • Connect up to 3 USB3 devices and an HDMI display
  • Connect to the UC system (such as Lenovo, Logitech, MAXHUB Room PC)
  • 4K60 / 16:9 and 5K30 / 21:9 wide screen (HDMI)


CAT6A extension cable


  • Reach up to 70 m/230 ft from the main Room PC with a CAT6A cable
  • Video signal up to 40 m for 4K60 and up to 70 m for 4K30.



Laptop hub


  • Connect up to 2 USB2 devices
  • Connect the laptop via USB-C (100W) or HDMI and USB-B
  • Routes Laptop content to control pads such as MAXHUB XCore and the Logitech Tap


Gilles Chouinard, President and CTO of INOGENI, explains how the TOGGLE ROOMS XT completes our award-winning TOGGLE 3 USB 3.0 switcher and TOGGLE ROOMS 3 USB 3.0 and HDMI switcher series. The XT model extends connectivity up to 70 meters (230 feet) for larger rooms, providing seamless integration for BYOD/BYOM up to 3 hosts (room PC and/or laptop). Now, we cover all room sizes for videoconferencing, offering the most cost-effective professional videoconference hub options.

U-BRIDGE 3.0: Extend 3 USB3.0 Connections up to 100 m / 330 ft

USB peripherals provide seamless connectivity for videoconferencing and collaboration but fall short of transmission distance with only 1.5m/3ft. The U-BRIDGE 3.0 Multi-Devices Extender is an ideal solution for mid and large size rooms. It bridges 3 USB 3.0 connections from the host laptop or PC to USB cameras, speakers, videobars or INOGENI devices up to 100m/330ft over a single CAT6A cable. U-BRIDGE 3.0 uses HDBaseT transmission to facilitate reliable and stable connectivity. Controllable via VISCA and RS-232, U-BRIDGE 3.0 is powered by the connected PC HOST or DEVICE and offers unparalleled versatility.

"This product answers the need for affordable, high-quality, long-distance USB 3.0 and control capability for UC systems," said Gilles Chouinard, President and CTO of INOGENI. "On top of being TAA-compliant and made in Canada, both TOGGLE ROOMS XT and U-BRIDGE 3.0 guarantee high-quality, uncompressed video transmission and seamless integration with leading camera manufacturers and unified communications platforms. Embrace the future of collaboration with INOGENI's innovative solutions."

To learn more about the TOGGLE ROOMS XT and the U-BRIDGE 3.0, visit INOGENI at InfoComm 2024 (booth #C5741) or visit our TOGGLE ROOMS XT or the U-BRIDGE 3.0 product pages.


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