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Elevate your hybrid meetings with Airtame & INOGENI | Inogeni

Copenhagen, Denmark & Quebec, Canada, June 4th, 2024. In a landmark partnership, INOGENI and Airtame have joined forces to introduce seamless connectivity solutions for modern video conferencing setups. Leveraging INOGENI's TOGGLE and TOGGLE ROOMS switchers with Airtame Hub, users can now experience effortless USB and HDMI switching, unlocking new levels of flexibility and collaboration in their meeting spaces.

The perfect solution for unparalleled wireless and wired capabilities for your hybrid meetings.

This innovative partnership aims to redefine the standards of video conferencing connectivity, empowering users with enhanced efficiency and productivity. Wire connections with TOGGLE and TOGGLE ROOMS increase security and versatility if the Wi-Fi is down or there is a momentary limited connection. In addition, with INOGENI's ability to add multiple cameras as well as a mixer and switcher, users can mix 2, 3, or 4 cameras, making it an ideal solution for large K-12 rooms or HighFlex class environments.

The TOGGLE ROOMS will be demonstrated at InfoComm 2024 at the Airtame booth #C6914 and INOGENI’s booth #C5741. Visit the Airtame / INOGENI partner webpage.

Robust, reliable, and compatible by design, TOGGLE ROOMS is engineered and made in Canada. Its automatic switching, TAA compliance, and variety of control options make it a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for modern meeting spaces.

"The collaboration between INOGENI and Airtame marks a significant advancement in video conferencing connectivity, said Jeff Meyer, CRO of INOGENI. “With the integration of our TOGGLE and TOGGLE ROOMS switchers with Airtame Hub, users gain robust USB and HDMI switching capabilities, that enhance the versatility and reliability of their setups. Moreover, the wired connections provided by our devices offer added security and stability, especially in environments where Wi-Fi connectivity may be unreliable. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering practical solutions that address the evolving needs of modern meeting spaces."

"At Airtame, we have always focused on providing seamless wireless collaboration experiences”, said Jonas Gyalokay, Co-Founder & Board Member at Airtame. “By combining our Airtame Hub with INOGENI's TOGGLE and TOGGLE ROOMS switchers, we're introducing a new level of flexibility and efficiency to video conferencing setups. Our collaboration ensures that users can effortlessly integrate multiple cameras and peripherals, empowering them to create engaging and productive meetings. Together, we're reshaping the landscape of video conferencing technology, prioritizing functionality and user experience above all else."

The most flexible room system ever With Airtame's unique combination of screen sharing, cross-service video conferencing, and digital signage on a single device, every room can be geared for the best and most efficient meeting. With the added flexibility of the Inogeni switchers products, users can choose between different room configuration options.

Airtame Hub with TOGGLE ROOMS with automatic switching

TOGGLE ROOMS 4Kp60 BYOD/BYOM switcher with one USB-C cable (100W): Effortlessly connects to three USB 3.0 devices and an HDMI display (one & dual) and supports 16:9 or 21:9 wide screens with a remarkable 4Kp60 resolution for crystal-clear visuals.

Automatic host switching: Switches seamlessly between two hosts by automatically recognizing and switching to a connected laptop.

Charging capabilities: Convenient charging of up to 100W via USB-C while ensuring that laptops remain powered throughout meetings.

USE CASE 1: 2 laptops switching

2 laptops switching


Use the flexibility of hosting video calls on Airtame Hub or take control of the devices in the room to host the call on your laptop via a single USB-C cable.

Switch the connections of the USB peripherals and display to use Airtame Hub or your laptop to host the meeting.







USE CASE 2: Room PC + laptop switching 

Room PC + laptop switching

Use the flexibility of hosting video calls on your dedicated Room System (ex. Microsoft Teams Room, Zoom Room, etc) or host the meeting wirelessly utilizing Airtame Hub and the same in-room peripherals.

Switch the connections of the USB peripherals and display to use a Room System or Airtame Hub to host the meeting.








USE CASE 3: Multi-cameras with Room PC + laptop switching 

Multi-cameras with Room PC + laptop switching

Use multiple cameras in your video calls to to engage remote participants as if they are in the room.

This includes alternating between 2 unique cameras or combining the cameras in a Side-by-Side or Picture-in-Picture view.

To learn more about the TOGGLE ROOMS, visit INOGENI at InfoComm 2024 (booth #C5741) or visit our TOGGLE ROOMS product page.









To learn more about the Airtame Hub and how it integrates with TOGGLE ROOMS visit Airtame at InfoComm 2024 (booth #C6914) or visit


INOGENI is a Canadian-based designer and manufacturer of advanced video conferencing solutions for the corporate, educational and healthcare markets. Its products are sold in more than 50 countries through a network of distributors and integrators of audiovisual solutions. INOGENI’s engineering team leverages more than 15 years of AV electronic experience to offer a comprehensive product portfolio and technology solutions that facilitate and simplify conference room connections. Our goal is to create highly stable, seamless, and premium AV conferencing experiences. Elevate your video conference experience at

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Airtame’s hardware-based SaaS platform redefines screen connectivity and engagement, offering seamless support for all major conferencing platforms. From meeting rooms to classrooms and common areas, Airtame elevates the experience with its intuitive conferencing, screen sharing, and digital signage features, all effortlessly managed through a unified interface.

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