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43: BYOD Is an AV Rodent | AV Superfriends: On Topic

AV Superfriends, Episode 43: BYOD Is An AV Rodent

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On Topic Episode 43: BYOD is an AV Rodent

Recorded January 19, 2024

Our topic for February is “things just won’t go away” or “things that keep coming back year after year” like Groundhog Day.  We’ve each selected items that we all hope might see their shadow and disappear for a while.  BYOD, VR, terrible marketing, wireless sharing, and more.  We’re also testing some format changes to On Topic to keep the show shorter and LIVE on various platforms, so look for those unannounced live streams on the socials.

Alternate titles:
I was thinking about this hard
I still can’t stop
Bad marketing
This is why people strap goggles to their head to visit the zoo
It kinda fluctuates in and out 
This is why people think holograms exist
Bring Your Own Goggles

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