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039: AV Turkeys 2023

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Episode 39: AV Turkeys 2023
Recorded October 27, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

If you recall, last year we accidentally set fire to Marc’s house while trying to deep fry a turkey. This year we all went to Jamie’s house where Larry volunteered to smoke the turkey overnight, which turned out great!  While enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, we each shared our thoughts on some AV turkeys– that is, products or services that don’t quite live up to their promises.  Marc hates network switches, Larry thinks perhaps we’re overusing ceiling microphone arrays, Justin is skeptical of too many devices based on Android that will become security concerns in the future, Chris likes the concept but hates the execution of wi-fi group microphone apps, and Jamie has given up on fiber-based extenders.

PS: always get the full coverage for your rental car.
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